Treating Lyme Disease

An overview of the procedures we will take


Treatment necessitates a change in diet - maintained 100% of the time. What you eat makes a huge difference in recovery. A yeast, sugar and gluten free diet is recommended. Many do very well on an autoimmune paleo diet, which helps with inflammation, nourishes the body, supports the immune system. While waiting for their first appointment some patients will change their diets and note major improvement in symptoms.

Treatment necessitates routine exercise as you tolerate it, increasing over time as you are able. Walking, light yoga, stretching, light weights are suggested as means to return you to full health. Regular exercise is an integral part of your treatment plan.

Smokers do not tend to get to 100% improvement. Please try to quit smoking.

Herbals & Antibiotics

Herbs are always used with treatment. You have a choice between antibiotics & herbals or herbals alone. The herbs that are recommended are not available in a health food store or in a regular online store for the general public. They are only sold through a doctor’s office.

Children who have not had antibiotics have an intact gut microbiome. A trial of herbals before antibiotics has resulted in symptom improvement or cessation and helps to avoid the changes antibiotics bring to the gut microbiome. This treatment decision depends on your child’s symptoms and history as sometimes it is necessary to start antibiotics early in treatment. Children on antibiotics will need to take probiotics and maintain dietary changes to avoid c. dif and yeast infections. They will need to have monthly blood tests while on antibiotics to monitor blood, kidneys and liver. Children on herbals and no antibiotics will not need monthly blood tests but the diet is important. A high sugar diet can cause failure of treatment. Most children do best on an autoimmune paleo or GAPS diet.

Treatment duration depends on how long you have been ill and the magnitude of your symptoms. Someone ill for several years will most likely take longer to improve than someone ill for 3 months


I am interested in how you feel about treatment, what you would like. It is important that you feel comfortable with the treatment plan. The recommendations that I give on diet, exercise, detox, herbals and supplements are there for a reason and during your initial appointment & in the extensive information in your portal you will have information as to the reasons for these recommendations.

The Symptoms form, completed as requested (1 column per appointment) is a valuable tool in monitoring your progress and persistent symptoms. It helps to follow your progress during the different treatments prescribed.