New Patient Guide

Information for your first consultation


  • All office appointments are in Plattsburgh, NY.
  • The typical waiting period for an appointment is 2-3 months.
  • Please inform us if you would like to be on the cancellation list as there may be appointments available earlier.
  • We will schedule your first appointment after receiving your completed Symptoms Form and Patient History.
  • We will confirm your Initial Consultation appointment once your payments for the nonrefundable appointment deposit and the annual Patient Portal fee are on file.
  • Quarterly follow up appointments are mandatory regardless of whether you note improvement or not. Your care needs to be monitored regularly.
  • You are required to complete your Symptoms form and Follow up form prior to every appointment. This is to track your progress and be able to utilize your appointment time in the most efficient manner.
  • Be aware that if you are crossing into the US from Canada you may not bring your medical marijuana.


  • US laws require medical offices to utilize an electronic medical records (EMR) system and a patient portal for HIPAA secure communication regarding your personal health information (PHI).
  • The patient portal is a requirement as a patient of our practice and is the only way you will be communicating with us regarding your medical care.
  • We will not answer any medical questions through regular email due to the potential high U.S. HIPPA violation fines.
  • Portal access does not start until you have received a paid receipt from our office. The EMR system will not allow you to access our system without our permission.
  • Dr. McShane will not speak with you on the phone or via videoconference without seeing you in our office for a first visit. There are no exceptions.
  • The office staff is not allowed to answer your questions on treatment, antibiotics, testing or supplements.
  • Interpretation of labs cannot be done until Dr. McShane sees you in the office.
  • Dr. McShane does not speak French. She is a U.S. born and trained physician. She has never practiced as a physician in Canada.

Initial Consulation

  • Please arrive 20 -30 minutes before your appointment. Factor in a wait at the border, especially after holidays if you are coming from Canada. If you are late you are losing your appointment time.
  • Appointments are 2 hours duration. 1 hour with our nurse for preparation, including chart review and vital signs and the second hour with Dr. McShane for history review, physical examination and treatment discussion.
  • If you have memory issues, please have someone accompany you to take notes.
  • You will receive a copy of your office notes and any prescriptions prior to departure from our office. These will include your history, physical exam, diagnosis and treatment plans.
  • At the end of this appointment during checkout you will schedule your 3 and 6 months follow up appointments. Please bring your personal calendar in preparation.
  • We provide supplements for purchase in our office so you may start your treatment protocols without delay. These supplements are not available in regular pharmacies, you must get them through a doctor’s office. If you prefer not to carry the supplements through the border, we will mail the supplements to you.
  • If you will be filling any prescriptions at a US Pharmacy, please have the Pharmacy information with you at the time of your visit including address, phone and fax number. You must take the printed prescriptions to them or we will e-scribe or fax the prescriptions directly to them through the portal.


  • We are a fee for service practice. Services must be paid for at the time rendered. We will not provide a service or mail supplements without payment on file.
  • We accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover, Cash, U.S. Money Order or checks in U.S. funds. We will accept checks from a Canadian bank when you write “US funds” near the dollar amount.
  • We do not accept American Express, Canadian debit cards or bank transfers.
  • We do not accept Medicare, Medicaid, Health Insurances or Workers Compensation cases.
  • Patients who would like to avoid international credit card fees may open a local US bank account and use that account for payment. We can accept a US debit card if you use this option- please contact the Office Manager for more information.
  • Payments do not go through the EMR Hello Health Patient Portal, which is not set up to accept payments. Payments go through our office payment system, which is separate from the portal.

Local Information


  • Plattsburgh International Airport: 2 airlines (Allegiant and Spirit) connect to a number of US cities.

Where to stay

  • Best Western Plus the Inn at Smithfield ((518) 561-7750). Tell them you are our patient and ask for the CPR rate.
  • Microtel Inn and Suites (518) 324-3800 or 1-800-771-7171 toll free. Tell them you are my patient and, except for their busy summer season, they will give you a discount
  • Hampton Inn (518) 324-1100
  • EconoLodge (518) 561-1500

Where to eat

  • Butcher Block - Route 3; has a great salad bar.
  • Anthony’s - Route 3; a 5 star French restaurant on Route 3
  • Ninety-Nine - Route 3; good gluten free menu
  • Plenty more on Route 3

New Patient Packet

To schedule a new patient appointment, please email [email protected] and request a new patient packet.