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Dr. Maureen McShane is a trained Family Practice physician devoted to treating those chronically ill with Lyme disease and co-infections. Her office staff work with her as a team and are knowledgeable and supportive of our patients. We communicate with you through our electronic health records messaging system, and work our hardest to swiftly answer your questions, relay lab results to you and make appointments that will fit your needs.

Maureen is a member of ILADS, International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society, the Association for the Advancement of Restorative Medicine and the American Academy of Environmental Medicine and attends annual conferences. She also attends conferences on herbals and Integrative Medicine. She has been treating Lyme disease and co-infections since 2003, and opened her own practice devoted exclusively to Lyme in 2009.

A week in the ILADS mentorship program was spent with Dr. Richard Horowitz and another week with Dr. Ann Corson. In addition, she has been educated by her patients and by her own experience with chronic Lyme disease.

Our practice supports the chronically ill person working towards wellness. The return to wellness can be a long road, frustrating at times with slow progress. We are there to help you on your journey. Your first visit will be a 2-hour appointment, and will be spent discussing your illness and treatment. You will be given clear treatment instructions including dietary instructions, prescriptions (if you will be on antibiotics) and additional information on how to set up your treatment plan. Extensive educational materials in our electronic health record system in your portal library will be useful in helping you to understand treatment. We are there to answer your questions and support you on your journey.

Dr. McShane's Philosophy

Knowing from personal experience what it feels like to be chronically ill, when I see new patients I always hope that they will improve rapidly and will be able to get back to their former lives a healthier person. Treatment plans are set up with the idea of supporting the body to tolerate treatment and to regain lost function. For those who have already tried treatment and have had mixed results I try to develop personalized plans to move towards health. Sometimes it is just a step at a time, but with multiple steps they will move towards their goal.

I listen to my patients and explore the different treatments that they have heard of. I attend conferences with the idea of gaining new knowledge that may help those who have not seen the results that they would like.

Lyme is a controversial diagnosis. Dr. Richard Horowitz in his books, “Why Can’t I Get Better?” and his more recent book, “How Can I Get Better?” outlines the controversy regarding Lyme, the difficulty with inaccurate testing and evaluating people with chronic complex illnesses who may have different diagnosis, but the underlying cause is Lyme and co-infections. He discusses diagnosis of Lyme-Borellia and co-infections. Dr. Horowitz has created a new diagnostic term, MSIDS, multiple systemic infectious disease syndrome for those with microbial driven chronic illness. He offers the best insight on diagnosis and treatment. I highly recommend his books and forever will be grateful to this amazing, brilliant loving and caring man for treating me when I was ill with Lyme disease and for being so generous with his time when I was learning more about this illness. His books are highly referenced and gifting a book to your primary care doctor may be very helpful in gaining support during your treatment.

Our Staff

Colleen LeClair – Office Manager